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***Welcome to Ionadiva***
Kennel Club Assured Breeder
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Welcome to Ionadiva Poodles. l have held my affix 'Ionadiva' since Nov 2006. The name was given to my first poodle who many called a little diva so i played around with it to come up with my kennel name (i-own-a-diva). I have shown in obedience/agility/conformation and owned my own dogs since 1992 but i waited until more recently to apply for my kennel name.
l am a small home breeder of Miniature Poodles located near the N.E.C in Birmingham, UK.
l only breed very occasionally (quality not quantity) and aim to breed a Poodle with all the attributes of this wonderfull breed. Whether for the show ring or as a loving pet l aim to breed the best that l can and raise them with all the love and care to give them the best start in life.
All my dogs live in the house and are pets first and some of them are show dogs in thier spare time.

Please feel free to browse my site and leave a message on my comment board.

l hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon as l will regularly update the site.
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Poodles make delightful pets. They are very intelligent and have a sense of humour and fun which will always cheer you up.
They have a non-moulting coat which makes them an ideal breed for people with allergies and asthma. The coat does require regular grooming (daily) and clipping (every 6-8 weeks) and this needs to be considered before getting your poodle. The cost is typically around £20-£40 for a trim, depending which size poodle you have.
Poodles also excel at Obedience and Agility, they are easily trainable, love to please, very agile and quick making them a popular breed for competitions.
The poodle image of being a pampered ladies dog is far from the truth. They were working dogs for retrieving game birds especially from water and all 3 Poodle sizes still retain these characteristics today, they are a Utility breed excelling at many 'jobs' in some countries they are even chosen for Police dogs. They are a very versatile breed capable of many tasks, depending which size poodle you go for.
Most of my poodles have gone to couples and have been chosen by 'the wife' very quickly though l get feedback saying how much 'the husband' now adores the dog! Yes they are often 'mans best friend!'

Poodles also have excellent temperaments with other animals and are suitable for multi-pet households, whether it's another dog, cat, rabbit or horse, a poodle is happy to make friends and share a game. The size/weight of other pets should also be considered as especially the Toy Poodle being so small can be in danger of injury by an excitable larger playmate, children also need to be considered as children can do harm to a small breed dog whether intentional or accidental.

Poodles are also child friendly, they are happy, attentive little dogs who love to be part of everything that's going on and a busy household means there is always someone ready to play!
l have never found any 'snappiness' in my own or other peoples poodles, but of course this is also to do with breeding and socialisation. Children should also be taught that a dog is not a toy and needs to be respected and cared for. No dog should ever be left alone with a child.
Provided the dog is raised and trained correctly, and the children can respect the dog, then a poodle is a good choice for a family dog, again l would suggest a Miniature rather than a Toy Poodle would be more suitable with children and for a busier household. l don't allow any of my dogs to be pulled about or roughly handled and if l feel a family with children may subject a dog to this treatment then l am sorry but l will not allow them to have one of my dogs. The happiness and well-being of the dog is far more important to me!
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Poodles are addictive!
Any dog l have bred will come back to me at any time in thier life if the new owners cannot keep them, for any reason. lf l cannot keep them myself l will find a suitable home for them where they will be happy.
If you or someone you know is looking for an older Poodle then please get in touch and i will let you know if anything is available (please note all older pets will be neutered before rehoming) 07859 826838.